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Adverse/Traumatic Religious Experiences

I hold no bias toward anyone who identifies with any specific religion, spirituality, or lack of. I have specialized training and experience working with those who are in the process of deconstructing their religious beliefs (rethinking, questioning, and examining their belief system), and healing from them. I also work with clients who have a have strong connection with their religious and spiritual beliefs I have no intent of challenging/changing this. I am here to support you with your specific needs without judgment and will provide support throughout your journey. We do not have to discuss your specific religious beliefs, and if you would like me to, I will incorporate your religious/spiritual practices into our work together to the best of my abilities.

Some of us grew up in church, which may have felt like our world, our life, and our community. If you grew up in a church environment, especially one that is very conservative or part of a fundamental belief system, you may have internalized a message that you are somehow wrong. Often times this comes from being a female in a patriarchal religion, a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, a person of color in a primarily white religion, or someone who is developing sexually and being told this is wrong and purity is the only way.

What is an Adverse Religious Experience:

An Adverse Religious Experience (ARE) is any experience of a religious belief, practice, or structure that undermines an individuals sense of safety or autonomy and/or negatively impacts their physical, emotional, social, sexual, relational, and/or psychological wellbeing. These experiences have significant potential of resulting in religious trauma (Religious Trauma Institute). 

What is Religious Trauma:

Religious trauma is the physical, emotional, or psychological response to religious beliefs, practices, or structures that is experienced by an individual as overwhelming or disruptive and has lasting adverse effects on a person’s physical, mental, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being (Religious Trauma Institute).

My experience with religious trauma/adverse experiences includes:

*Doubt and Deconstruction of Religion
*Church Hurt and Abuse
*Sex and Purity Culture
*Cult Abuse
*LGBTIQ* Spiritual Abuse
*Religious Abuse
*Religious trauma

If you are experiencing something not listed, please reach out to connect. My training on this topic is constantly evolving, and I may be able to support you still. If I am unable to support your needs, I can work with you to find a therapist that may fit better.